TMS Consultations:

Over the past 20 years experience has proven what works best in order to help people to heal from TMS. I first began with 1 hour consultations but they proved frustratingly useless and were never enough time to fully explain the complex process (in enough detail) to get to the deeper levels of awareness where ultimate healing occurs. I observed that when we continued to talk for 2 or 3 hours, and sometimes into 4 hours that the sufferers began to see past their personas and into more permanent healing; 3 hours was the target for healing.

However, there were those who were not as interested in healing as they were in simply asking questions (being in the constant state of healing for unconscious reasons). So I set up 2 different types of sessions:

3 hour: Full Healing Jnana Session: $350

1 hour: Q n A Martin Session: $125

The 1 hour sessions are often utilized by medical doctors and various healthcare professionals who are seeking to better help their patients and/or clients to heal from TMS, or by those sufferers who seek follow-up sessions, and by those not as interested in healing as they are in simply asking questions.

All conversations are private and confidential.

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Typical consultations include:

  • History, symptoms, any medical clearance, level of pain
  • What sufferers may be doing wrong, or right, in their healing
  • Dr. Sarno and his work
  • Beliefs, accurate thinking, psychology of pain, contagion, family, and purpose
  • Mindbodyspirit, quantum healing
  • **The consultations are intended to explain the process of TMS healing from an expert’s experience, and are in no way a substitute for medical or psychological advice.**